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Gun (New - Factory Sealed)


#gcg0241_2 - Brand New, Factory Sealed - Developed by Neversoft Entertainment, Inc. and Published by Activision Publishing, Inc., "Gun" was released for the Gamecube (GCN) Entertainment System on November 8, 2005. Gun is a 3rd-Person Perspective RPG, riding and action game that sets you loose in the Wild West to wreck havoc and mayhem, through a very entertaining storyline. The game scenario is that you play as Colton White, a soft spoken young gun fighter of 1870 who has suffered loss by having his father killed by Reverend Reed and some renegade indians. Before dying, your father reveals the long kept secret that you are not his real son, and gives you a mysterious token. You set off pursuing his killers and seeking revenge in your quest to reveal the secrets behind the mysterious token.

The game features a great collection of weapons at your disposal such as bows, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and dynamite. And you'll have them to fight duels, defend the towns folk against outlaws, step in to handle diverse conflicts and stop the heavily-armed bosses. There are also minigames where you can earn extra money. For example, playing poker in the casino, bounty hunting, working livestock for farmers, mining for gold, helping to build railway tracks, assisting the sheriff, delivering items on the pony express or rescue missions. You will be outnumbered by the bandits so you will require skill and marksmanship to prevail. An upside is that Colton can form temporary alliances with the towns folk, Indians and posse members. The down side is that when doing so he must watch his back because they may just turn against him. But Colton also has the ability to instantly recover all his health by drinking from his trusty flask, so things are not so desperate. Gun is mostly linear but also features RPG elements involving acquiring and improving your skills like improved accuracy and upgrading weapons. One of the more enjoyable elements of Gun is the Horseback riding, shooting and fighting. This makes for some very entertaining high-speed battles where your horse's hooves can be your most effective weapon. Personally, I was thoroughly entertained by seeing the bandits trampled under hoof and dragged like rag dolls and flug away. You'll love it as the mechanics are well designed and incorporated to allow you to shoot effectively while riding. Make no mistake, this is a Gun and Shoot game, not for the faint of heart. The graphics are really nice, and the presentation is excellent featuring exciting 3-D cinematic cutscenes and spot-on voice acting. The music, audio and sound effects are very good and the voices are top notch. The gameplay is passable with average control, but good mechanics. Brand New, Factory Sealed - UPC: 047875809734 - ESRB Rating "M" for Mature - Controller pak compatible - Rarity Rating D - GUN review by NES Gamer

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