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Gamecube Motherboard CPU - Type 1


GCPT018_2 - For Model DOL-101 - Some of the uses of this part is that you can use it to fix or replace a defective motherboard, or to change a Japanese Gamecube to an American game playing system. This is nothing but the motherboard, no heat sink or memory card doors/lids are included.

This is the Nintendo Gamecube Console mother board type 1. The difference between a type 1 and type 2 board is that type 2 has the digital AV output as well as the Analog. This Type 1 only has the analog AV output connection. The gamecube motherboard is the brains of the Nintendo console, and is a sixth-generation system of the 128-bit era. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a 485 MHz PowerPC, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) runs at 162 MHz ATI, Main RAM 24 MB 1T-SRAM, Video RAM 3 MB embedded 1T-SRAM, 16 MB DRAM. Supports texture compression to save bandwidth and storage space when rendering. This motherboard includes both the Analog Audio Video (AV) output. Also includes heat sink, all ports and Memory assembly. If you are experiencing problems such random shut offs, loss of video or sound, the game freezing, or the picture becomes distorted, your gamecube will no longer recognize any memory board or random restarts, you may need to replace your motherboard. This board has been thoroughly tested and is in perfect working condition.

The Gamecube circuitboard contains sensitive electonic circuitry and should only be installed by qualified technicians. We cannot be responsible for attempted installation by Non-electronics technicians.

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