DOL-003 Original Nintendo Gamecube Controller (Factory Sealed)


DOL-003_3x - Brand New, Factory Sealed OEM Genuine original Nintendo model No. DOL-003 controllers for the Nintendo GameCube control Deck. They are rare new Platinum controller. Nintendo Gamecube controllers have gone through their rigorous tests to fully assure optimum response and performance with tight joystick action, unlike the 3rd party knockoffs that sell today. These are quality "original products," not after-market copies, and are guaranteed against dead/intermittent or delayed response. The Nintendo GameCube Controller provides the crucial connection between the player and the game. Two analog Control Sticks, a built-in rumble feature and flawless ergonomic design ensure that the Controller feels and plays perfectly.

Technical Information: A * B * X * Y * Z Buttons use digital input. The L and R Trigger or Shoulder Buttons use analog input. The left (Control) and right (C) sticks are analog also. The L and R Buttons have a digital override or click function, which is activated when either button is fully depressed. The Nintendo controller also has integrated a built-in Rumble pak feature.

Cord length: Approximately 9 feet.
Color: Platinum
Rumble Feature: Built In
Brand New!

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