Super Nintendo Power Plug Controller Enhancer (Factory Sealed)


sac012_1 - Brand New, Shrink Wrapped! - Manufactured by Tyco Toys, the Super Nintendo Power Plug is a rare and unique SNES accessory that was released in 1993. It turns any SNES controller into a "super controller"! To use, you simply plug the SNES Power Plug device into one of your Super Nintendo System ports, then plug your favorite controller into it. The Super Nintendo Power Plug is designed to give any SNES controller (regardless of manufacturer or type) extra functions such as slow motion, turbo fire and programed in complex fighting moves not commonly allowed on most controllers. The Super Nintendo Power Plug makes any SNES Controller the ultimate weapon.

Awesome Features:

  • Power Steering - Incredibly smooth directional control.
  • Auto Fire - Continuous firing action, and can be overlaid on Thrash and Pro Thrash moves.
  • Variable Turbo - Automatically Turbos any controller button to the maximum speed available.
  • Thrash - Select pre programmed special moves for many of the more complex fighting game.
  • Pro Thrash - Create and save your own complex attacks in one button.
  • Clone - Transform any controller button into a power plug button.
  • Compact - Approximately 4 1/4" x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4".

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