New RGB Scart to Composite 3RCA S-Video AV TV Audio Adapter


Package includes one brand new, high quality RGB Scart to 3RCA S-Video 4 Pin Adapter. This is great product that transmits ahigh quality signal for so many different uses. Adapter features three color coded phono (RCA) sockets, an S-Video socket and a directional select switch that allows it to be used for input or output of Audio/Video signals. You can use it to connect Video Game Consoles, camera, camcorders, DVD players, VCRs, portable game screens, security cameras, etc., to TVs with SCART PERITEL connector inputs with great ease. Simply select your connections, plug them in and play. Can also be used to connect European video players to TVs with RCA connectors. The SVHS (S-Video )signals are a high quality connector and therefore use of this adapter and S-Video cables are recommended. But if your devices don't have a S-Video (SVHS) connection you can still transfer the video via the more popular phono (RCA)connections on this device. Just match up the colors (Red, Black and Yellow) and you can use it in a scart socket.


  • Scart to SVHS switched adapter
  • Male 21-Pin RGB Scart plug
  • 3 female RCA jacks: red, white, yellow
  • 2 Phono sockets for audio left and audio right
  • 1 Phono for video
  • 1 S-VHS for video
  • Manual Input/Output switch
  • Size: 1.97inch x 1.97inch x 0.59inch (5cm x 5cm x 1.5cm)
  • Color: black
  • Type: 4,C3005
  • Weight: 42g
  • UPC: 834784020653

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