Nintendo 64 Controller Port Replacement Part (Left Side)


n64pt10 - Pre-owned part. This is an original, genuine, OEM left controller port for the Nintendo 64. The N64 is a tank, but one of the most common problems encountered by N64 owners is that the plastic Port breaks, cracks, or chips (usually this number 1 port) and it was very difficult to find this replacement part. Now N64 owners have an inexpensive OEM part solution to this old problem. Your N64 controller port is a 3-pin (each port) female connection. The N64 controller port module includes ports 1 and 2 and is used to integrate your Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64) game controller pad into the motherboard of your N64 system. This is the left-side controller port, the port on the right is completely different and will not fit the right side so make sure you order the correct one. N64 Game Controller Ports are also great for modding, integrating your N64 controllers to USB configurations, or other computer gaming projects. These N64 controller ports are taken from working systems and are thoroughly tested by our technician, guaranteed to work perfectly. This item requires soldering - Soldering Gun and Solder NOT included.

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