Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


#sgm0012 - Developed by Square Co., Ltd. and published by Nintendo of America Inc., the rare and hugely popular Super Mario Brothers Role Playing Game was first released in May of 1996. In this classic game title, Super Mario stars in his own RPG. The scenario is that a new nemesis called Smithy has brought evil to the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool, and when mario responds, there is heard a mysterious loud bang of the sword of the wicked smithy, and the Princess, Mario, and Bowser are sent to diverse parts of the world. The sword shatters the great Star Road. As Mario, you assemble a party of familiar characters and you are on the greatest adventure of all in the quest to save the Princess and collect the 7 pieces of the shattered Star Road. In this quest you are allowed to have three (of five) team members at a time and Mario is always on the team. Legend of the Seven Stars plays like your traditional RPG except attacks and defenses are timed. Mario RPG is turn based, and you gain experience points that increase your teams hit and magic points by defeating enemies. The benefit of timed attacks is that you inflict more harm than normal to an enemy. While timed defenses allow an enemy to be less effective against you than normal. Like any great RPG you can purchase better weapons, armor and abilities. The great thing about this snes game is that while most RPG are complicated affairs reserved for the most cerebral gamers, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a fun game for old and young, for the cerebral and those who just plain like mayhem. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay outstanding. A great must have addition to any SNES collection. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating B - Review by NES Gamer

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