Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


#gm0099 - This is the powerful classic game for NES. Developed by Konami Industry Co. Ltd., and published by Ultra Software Corporation, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for NES was released in June of 1989. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT for short) was first a comic book series, then a 1980's cartoon, an Arcade game, a Movie, and now a NES platformer. The scenario is that ace Reporter April O'Neil has been kidnapped and is being held captive by the Shredder's Foot Clan henchmen, Rocksteady and Bebop. So its up to our heroes Leonardo (equipped with Katana Blades), Raphael (equipped with Sia weapons), Michelangelo (equipped with Nun chucks), and Donatello (equipped with Bo), to fight their way to her location and rescue her. All 4 of our heroes are available. The nice part of this game is that you get to play as all four of the Ninja Turtles (one turtle at a time, but with the ability to swap between turtles at any time). changing between each character is done by pausing the game and selecting which one you want to proceed with. If you should succeed in rescuing april, you must travel deep in the dark Technodrome itself to rescue your sensei Splinter from The Shredder. As far as weapons goes, besides each turtle's main battle weapon, other limited weapons like shuriken can be acquired. This game uses a unique meter, as you don't die in the game. You simply get defeated, and when you lose a turtle, he captured and you cannot use that Turtle again until you rescue him from the overworld. The music is great, not relying on themes of the TV show, but new music that fits in nicely with whatever is taking place as you play the game. The graphics in T.M.N.T. are very good for the 8-bit NES system, with appropriate atmosphere, sewers lined with dark gritty grey walls where pipes run. The gameplay is great, with solid control, lots of things to do, and a nice assortment of maps to complete. Gameplay takes place in two different perspectives. The top-down view is where you can walk around and explore buildings, sewers and other places. And nothing is more fun than being able to drive around in the later levels. But when entering places from the top-down view, the perspective changes to a side-scrolling view. This is where most of the fighting takes place. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is very challenging, if not downright hard. But those who have the stamina, patience and brains can see it through. The truth is, this game is a very good action adventure that grows on you because its "just plain fun". Pre-owned. Rarity Rating F

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  • UPC: 083717120032
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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