#gm0062 - Released in 1988 by Konami, Jackal is a port conversion of the arcade game called "Top Gunner." And frankly, a one jeep army doesn't get any better! The scenario is that an enemy force has captured your comrades who are being held in P.O.W. camps. You are the members of a small special elite force code named Jackal, that must go in and lead a rescue operation. Your mission is to find the hidden P.O.W. Camps where the prisoners are being held, rescue as many as you can, and fight your way to a Helicopter landing zone where they can be transported out of harm's way. Your unit must do this with nothing but a Jeep or two and the weapons it carries. The gameplay on jackal is excellent, with sharp control in four directions (except the machine gun, which only fires up). You can also find upgrades to replace the grenade launcher with a more powerful Bazooka. Jackal is a top-down jeep game that one or two people can play simultaneously. It's a game I really enjoyed playing with friends. As far as graphics in Jackal for NES, the stick people may have been ordinary, but overall the graphics weren't really bad considering the time that this game was made. And the Boss stages, explosions, game play, helicopters, etc, were done very nicely. If you defeat the boss at the end of each stage, you progress to the next stage. There are six tough stages to conquer! In Japan this was an arcade game called, "Tokushu Butai Jackal, which means Special Forces: Jackal." The Famicom conversion was entitled, "Final Command: Akai Yousai." Akai Yousai means "Red Fortress." Jackal is one of Diamond Life Sales Top 20 NES games. And let me tell you, running over people has never been so much fun. It is one of the best and most addicting gems ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System. With the two player option, it is twice as fun, no matter how many times you have played it. Almost like Contra in Jeeps! Jackal belongs on the top shelf of any NES collection.

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