Wario's Woods

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#gm0260 - Developed by Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Wario's Woods" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in December of 1994. Warrio's Woods is a very rare puzzle-solving strategy game slightly similar to games like Tetris/Columns. This game holds the classic distinction of being the last game released by Nintendo for the NES System. The game scenario is that the dastardly Wario has littered the forest with bombs, Goblins and assorted monsters. You control the main character Toad, who must try to catch and carry around stacks of monsters and bombs and to combine them in the appropriate manner in order to eliminate them. You can pick up objects or whole stacks that may be in front of Toad, and pick up an object, even if it's in the middle of a stack. If you combine one bomb and at least two monsters of the same color, they will be eliminated. If you eliminate five or more objects at the same time, you will see a diamond. Better than cash, if you then destroying the diamond, all the monsters that have that same color will be eliminated. If you destroy all the creatures inside the tree, you move on to the next Level, which may sound simple but gets more challenging with each level completion. I like the fact that Toad can run up walls or stacks to catch these falling objects or snatch out certain parts of a stack. Since this game was licensed so late in the NES's life, the graphics are very good and the sound effects very well done and perfectly suited for the Nintendo 8 bit era. It captures the NES game flavor perfectly. You can tackle the challenge of Wario's Woods in solo mode or challenge a friend. This game pushed the NES to its limits in graphics and action, and although the gameplay is fun, simple and a delight to play, it is also very challenging. Wario's Woods will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. In Japan Warios Woods is known as "Wario no Mori." A collectors dream because of its rarity and historical significance as the last game on the NES system. Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 045496630751 - ESRB Rating "KA" for Kids to Adults - Rarity Rating B - Wario's Woods review by NES Gamer

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