The Adventures of Lolo 2

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#gm0127 - Developed and published by HAL America Inc., and released in March of 1990, The Adventures of Lolo II is the very rare sequel to Lolo 1. It is similar to its predecessor, but the graphics have been improved, the enemies look better, and the emerald boxes Lolo pushes sparkle with a glassy sheen. The scenario is that evil demons have kidnapped Princess Lala and imprisoned her in a high tower. And once again, it's up to you (the brave blue ball-like Lolo) to must once again traverse many puzzling levels to find and save her. The game play is very similar to the previous game. You have to collect all the hearts in each room. Enemies will seek to prevent you from doing that, and others will appear once you have eaten all the hearts and are hurrying toward the exit. You proceed from room to room solving puzzles, while enemies track you and fire at you. The Adventures of Lolo 2 (TOL2) is a great game. The puzzles are challenging and it makes for a great test of the minds. Rarity Rating B-

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