Arch Rivals

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#gm0176 - Developed by Midway and published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Arch Rivals for NES was released in November of 1990. Arch Rivals is a port of the classic hit Midway arcade game, and is a guilty pleasure that is not only a novelty act, but "just plain fun!" While the single player mode is a nice diversion, the real fun with this game is when you play one on one against friends. The most unique part of this game is its "Basketball Brawl, No Rules" approach to the game of round-ball. As with most basketball games, you can pass or shoot on offense, but the real fun is in your mischief on defense! You can stun your opponents momentarily by punching them, wherein you can steal the ball. Heck, you can even pull down you opponent's shorts to steal the ball. These type little added twists to the game changes it's dynamics, strategies and approach. In Arch Rivals your basketball team consists of just two players, one controlled by you, and the other by AI. It's "no harm no foul" as tough hard-nosed play and fouling your opponents is more than accepted, it's encouraged. you can choose from twelve different teams and eight players, but choose wisely because each of these have their own traits and personalities. This Basket-Brawl may not be the most classic of NES games, but it is one of the more entertaining and fun titles. And the often campy atmosphere of the game lends to it's enjoyable play. Rarity Rating C

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