Super Dodge Ball

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#gm0071 - Developed by Technos Japan Corporation, published by CSG Imagesoft Inc., and released in June of 1989, Super Dodge Ball is a port of an old Arcade game, and an instant classic for the NES. This rare game is what we call a "sleeper" because it is often overlooked by gamers as one of the great NES classics. It's not the usual sports game, or even the dodge ball you played in school, it's the joyous insanity of pummelling the opposing team into submission. Choose from a wide range of serves, from normal to a super spikes that can send an opponent soaring through the air. All which serves to make Super Dodge Ball hours of mindless fun and amusing mayhem. There are six players on each team and you can customize your lineup. This is great because every one of your team members has a different attack or supermove. All the more reason to learn their attributes so that you can use them to your advantage. In the World Cup mode you play as the USA team against other competing countries such as Japan and Great Britain. The object of the game is to fight through these competitors, pummelling them into submission so that you go up against the defending Champion, the Soviet Union, and claim the world championship for the United States. Remember, every country not only has their own unique uniforms, but their own style, movements and fields. All in all, a really entertaining game to play. And another nice option in Super Dodge Ball is the ability to go 2 player mode (except in Tournament) and challenge a friend. You can go head to head against the team that he/she selects to see which one of you is the best. This is a fun, entertaining and challenging game. If it's not in your NES collection, it should be. In Japan, the game is called "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu," meaning, "Hot Blooded High school Dodgeball Squad." ...Don't Ask!

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