Destination Earthstar (New - Factory Sealed)

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#gm0206_2 - This is a brand new, rare, unopened, factory sealed (authenticated horizontal H seam) mint condition collector's item. - Developed by Imagineering Inc. and Published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., "Destination Earthstar" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in February of 1990. This is a side-scrolling 1st-Person Perspective space flight simulation action shooter. If you are a fan of simulator games, put this one on your list. The scenario of Destination Earthstar is that Kojan aliens have captured the people of Earth and made them slaves. But the people from earth long to return home, so they have enlisted you, to take a spaceship and travel the universe in search of the long lost Earth. However, the Kojan aliens won't let you succeed without a fight. The gameplay of Destination Earthstar is played in two parts. First there is the simulation mode, where you pilot your craft from a first-person perspective. Lots of things to do and beware of, such as keeping the right altitude, checking your fuel levels, changing speed, and keeping up with your weapons. You must locate your enemies on a galactic map first, and then hyper-warp to their position. For weapons you have torpedoes and your Ray Gun. Once you have defeated the enemies and landed on a planet, the game changes to a side-scroller. There you will pilot your space ship through arcade sequences. The unheralded part of Destination is its control. despite what you may have heard, the developers have given you complete control of everything your ship does. To the novice, it may appear difficult with all the control combinations, but you will learn it quickly. That is to say, if you simply pay attention to the introduction, which tells you all the controls. Though Destination Earthstar is extremely difficult, this is actually a pretty nice game that can be a lot of fun once you learn how to play it. Brand New, Complete, Factory Sealed, in mint condition - Packaged in a box for special care during shipping - ESRB Rating N/A - Rarity Rating C - Destination Earth star Review by "NES Gamer".

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  • UPC: 021481102076
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Action / Sci-Fi Adventure
  • Condition: New (H-seam Factory Sealed)

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