SNES Game Lock-in Tab


SNSPT002 - This is the SNES Game lock part that connects to the power button slide switch and locks the game cart in place when your Super Nintendo Entertainment System switch is powered on. 90 percent of the problems with SNES game system failures or malfunctions are caused by people placing games in (or pulling ga,mes out) of the SNES console with the power still on. Often this is done mechanically, without even realizing it. From blown power fuses to blank screens to missing or garbled images, it all could be prevented with this one little game lock in tab. Early systems all had this tab, and many gamers have removed this lockout part in their models in modding their systems. This plastic game insert tab makes it so you cannot insert most SNES games or remove your SNES game when the power is turned on. This is necessary because removing or inserting SNES games into your SNES console with power on will damage both games and your system. This package includes lock tab, the holding screw and the plastic slip washer. No soldering required, only a phillips screwdriver. Well worth the minimal cost and 10 minute effort to put it on.

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