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Gamecube Open Lid Closed Door Sensor Assembly Switch


GCPT032 - This is the Nintendo Gamecube sensor control for detecting when the gamecube DVD door or lid is closed allowing disc initiation to begin. You may need this replaced if your Gamecube doesn't detect disk at all and simply continues the message: "Please insert a NINTENDO GAMECUBE DISC." You can test this by inserting a game disc, opening the Gamecube door, and then closing it. If the message "Please insert a NINTENDO GAMECUBE DISC" remains unchanged (i.e. no "reading disk," no "cannot read disk" or "disk error message" etc.), then your GameCube lid closed door sensor is probably broken and should be replaced. A lot of people see this error message "Please insert a NINTENDO GAMECUBE DISC" and assume it is a bad laser that can't detect the disc, when often it is simply this small part that is defective. If this part is working correctly, the message should change momentarily when you close the door. This is not an aftermarket part, but an original Nintendo GameCube Lid Closed Door Sensor that is guaranteed to work flawlessly. Note: No cables are included!

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