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Nintendo Black GameCube DOL-001


GCSYSPK002 - If you like a system with the TOTAL package, then Nintendo DOL-001 Gamecube is the system for you! This is the console only and does include any games, accessories, or controllers. First released in North America by Nintendo of America on November 18, 2001. The GameCube is of the sixth generation systems era. The gameCube has overall superior graphics processing power and better Pro Logic sound than the PlayStation 2. And despite claims by some gamers, it has a graphical display that can compete with any of the best that XBOX has to offer. Because of the small game disks, loading times are relatively quick, especially when compared to that of other disc-based systems. As for the game system itself, it is super easy to understand and set up, with controllers that are both comfortable and responsive. The Game Cube also integrates seamlessly with optional WaveBird wireless controllers to allow players the freedom and independence to position oneself comfortably. Another nice advantage of the Game Cube is its very cool, very sleek, very compact style and design. It's relatively small (6" x 4 1/4" x 7 3/4"), which makes it perfect for an uncluttered entertainment center, table or for easy packing when traveling. And speaking of travel, you can purchase a battery and LCD screen that makes the gameCube truly portable, which is great for road trips. Indeed, the GameCube was designed for portability, even complemented by a smoothly integrated carrying handle. It also has a great two memory card system, which each capable of holding tons of data (depending upon the capacity of cards). And while we all know the system is great for mature players with games like Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime, Eternal darkness, etc.) it is also great for younger children, because Nintendo has made it its mission to offer a ton of choices in games rated E for everyone. This is a great family system hard to pass up.

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