Super Nintendo SNES Model SNS-101 Mini Console

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This is going to be a bit of a Two-in-one, because I ordered this as well as a repair for my SNS-001 (But that service doesn't seem to be available to write a review for at the time of writing this.).

What an absolute Godsend. I've recently been able to begin rebuilding my old SNES library, and I came across this stores services and stock. Bought an old SNS-001 from a garage sale that was in pretty bad shape and wouldn't start.

First points, price: I seriously don't know how y'all do what you do for what you charge. At the time of writing, it cost me around $60 for repair (shipping included in total.). That's astounding. And it came back to me quickly, in perfect working order as well, with a wonderful sheet detailing the work done.

Now for the SNES Jr. (SNS-101)
After my repairs, I was and will be 100% sure that anything I send to/buy from NESREPAIRSHOP will be in the absolute best condition it can possibly be buy the time it reaches my hands.

The level of care and attention to detail that y'all put into the products you keep alive is astounding. And on more than one instance, I have found myself getting teary-eyed at the excitement and joy that I feel from the opportunity only afforded by this store alone.

To experience these classics, and with the confidence that they'll last for as long as I take care of them (which NESREPAIRSHOP had been kind enough to provide a list of tips to maintain the longevity of the system.) is a feeling I cannot simply thank you all enough for.

I'll be checking back in, and spreading the word. NESREPAIRSHOP is my new home for all things retro Nintendo!
Date Added: 06/08/2021 by Kevin Smith
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