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Beyond Good And Evil

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All I can say is WOW! Beyond Good & Evil is an outstanding game. It may be a little short, and many of you may be wondering "Is this game worth this much money?" I am going to say, abso-freakin-lutely. I was surprised that this game was not raw, it is polished and has very stylistic cohesion. So where do I begin with this review? Because the only downside is that it wasn't long enough. Everything from wonderfully appropriate soundtrack, to the intuitive controls, to the very realistic looking rendering of the sexy Jade herself, to the entertaining dialogue between her and Peyj, everything about it is perfect. And then there is the gorgeous graphics that are very well animated. Beyond Good and Evil (BGAE) has some of the most eye-popping, vibrant, colorful, and detailed graphics of this generation. This is an outstanding and beautiful, yet very dark world that looks Beyond Good and Evil.

I must say, a overlooked game as well done as beyond good and evil only comes around once in a lifetime, so if you enjoy great graphics, outstanding storyline, fantastic controls and great entertainment and fun, you'd better add this little gem to your collection. And frankly, if you're going to buy it used, this is the store to get it. I have bought over 20 gamecube games here and they always come with great cases and no scratches on disks. How many game stores can you say that about? I would say 1. I spent all day exploring the world of Hylis and believe me I couldn't wait till morning to start on my quest again. Every incident that moves you through the glorious story occurs naturally. The more I played the more I realized that I was as blissfully ignorant as Jade was about the hylis government. You will become so immersed in this world that the outside world will seem to fade as you actually feel that you are Jade. The puzzles are intuitive, the goals are clear and the camera is almost never a problem.

The real strength of BGAE is the diversity of play. You have martial Arts style fighting, the classic adventure, problem solving that is supplemented by stealth and slick infiltration, vehicle-based fights, and even kart-style racing. Most games made by Ubisoft are very good, but this one wasn't. It was beyond fantastic. I highly recommend BGAE as it has a wonderful, rich world, sharp backgrounds and entertaining sub plots that make it much more then just a simple game for collectors, and if you enjoy intelligent storylines, puzzle solving and rich worlds rather then hack and slash, this game is for you.

Great graphics, beautiful water effects, life like animals, very mentally immersive, lots of fun, expansive landscapes, intelligent storyline, unique characters, nice control, what more can you ask from a 2003 gamecube game?

No complaint with this game, but I have one with the authors who have been working on and promising for years a sequel, and have not delivered on their promise.
Date Added: 11/12/2015 by Robert Powell
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