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Without a doubt the best Nintendo 62 console I have ever bought. And I've bought a few from Amazon and from ebay and all fizzed out quickly. The ebay one didn't even work. First off when I got it, I thought it was new. It was sealed in plastic and looked like it was right out of the box. Second, the pins were cleaned so all my games (I clean them simi-yearly) played the first time and every time after. Third, it was super fast shipping, no 3-day delay, and it was packaged securely so there was no damage. And last but not least, their customer service is the best on the web. All my questions were answered before I bought it. I highly recommend the NES repair shop for all your Nintendo needs if you don't want to buy dirty, bug-infested junk passing as refurbished.
Date Added: 08/18/2023 by Don W.
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